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 Davitt Pty Ltd is committed to the total integration of the quality, safety and environmental functions and to achieving and maintaining certification status to the National and International standards of: ·         Quality Management System Standard ISO 9001:2008. ·         Environmental Management System Standard ISO 14001:2004. ·         Occupational Health and Safety requirements of AS/NZS 4801:2001.  Objective The objective of the development and implementation of this system is ensuring that: ·         Customer requirements are achieved, in both quality and performance. ·         Products and services are provided for in the safest most cost-effective manner with due regard for the environment. ·         Improvement opportunities are identified and implemented to increase company profitability in a responsible manner.  Commitment Davitt Pty Ltd is committed to: ·         Providing for the efficient use of natural resources within the Electrical Contracting Industry and minimising the impact that this industry may have on the environment. ·         Establishing an Integrated Management System that provides a framework for setting and reviewing quality, environmental and OHS objectives and targets. ·         Understanding our customer requirements through regular contact and strive to exceed those requirements. ·         Protecting the environment through appropriate planning and execution of work activities. ·         Minimising waste and pollution through efficient use and disposal of all resources. ·         Undertaking our work in accordance with relevant Federal, State, Local Government legislation and any other requirements such as standards codes of practice, etc. ·         Communicating information to all employees throughout the Companies on all Occupational Health and Safety, Rehabilitation, Environmental and Quality issues. ·         Establishing and maintaining a workforce that recognises the importance of quality, the environment and occupational health and safety through regular training and induction. ·         Providing for a continual improvement process that will result in a working environment that is safe for all employees and associated parties and is environmentally responsible. ·         Providing support for employees injured while carrying out alternative and meaningful duties.