Davitt Pty Ltd Electrical Contractors and all its employees are committed to maintaining a safe workplace.

We are fully committed to ensuring the client’s safety criteria are strictly adhered to in the performance of the works at the client’s facilities.

Toolbox meetings are held on site each week by our key supervisory staff after attending the project site safety meetings. Any relevant health and safety issues are acted upon immediately and control measures are put in place to identify and resolve any problems effectively and efficiently to ensure a safe working environment.

During each toolbox meeting, training is provided in all aspects of our industry to ensure each employee and contractor remains focused and committed to maintaining high standards in Health and Safety within our organisation.

Similarly communication from these meetings ensures that a good understanding and knowledge of our client’s needs and expectations is maintained.

We continue to provide on going training with regular performance reviews, assessments and audits which ensure Davitt Pty Ltd maintain a consistently high standard in Health and Safety.

We are proud of the exceptional safe working record we hold in our industry and work continuously to strengthen and enhance our safety systems on site. 

The display at our head office and site locations of this signed statement of policy confirms our commitment to making Davitt Pty Ltd Electrical contractors workplaces safe and healthy for our employees.