Recent Projects

Queensland State School Electrical Upgrades

Davitt Pty Ltd successfully coordinated completion of 17 electrical upgrades within Queensland State Schools, prior to completion and with minimal disruption, by providing the following.

Pre-planning which involved:

  • Determining clients needs/ requirements.
  • Identifying possible risks.
  • Identifying and allocating resource subject to availability.
  • Allocating staff to each site on the basis of skill mix and availability.
  • Developing necessary work plans/ tasks required to reach the milestones.
  • Estimating work content and expected duration of particular tasks.
  • Scheduling activities within the project plan according to priority.
  • Collecting and disseminating performance information in the form of status reports, progress measurement and forecasting.
  • Liaising with preferred suppliers to ensure the availability of resources.
  • Conducting regular management meetings.
  • Conducting regular toolbox meetings every morning with staff.
  • Training subordinate management to lead smaller teams.


As a result, all schools were satisfied and we have been invited back for follow-on work.


Davitt Pty Ltd successfully coordinated completion of the Bentley Showroom.

This project had to be extensively planned due to the cars remaining in the showroom during construction.


Reverse Osmosis Plant

Davitt Pty Ltd successfully coordinated completion of designing and constructing a 2 x reverse osmosis plants to deliver clean water for landscape works.


TSRC Launching Gantry

Davitt Pty Ltd was engaged to construct and maintain the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing launching gantry crane.

Davitt employees were on call 24/7 in case of break downs due to launching time frames.

Narrabri CSIRO

Davitt Pty Ltd was engaged to completed civil and electrical works for the CSIRO in Narrabri.

TSRC HV Relocation

Davitt Pty Ltd was engaged by Ergon to complete high voltage relocation due to the TSRC. 

100% compaction was required for thermal resistivity and trench depth varied from 1m to 4m.